About us



bEASH is a fashion, interiors and lifestyle brand renewing and remixing classic styles for the new generation. Our latest lines are:

  • rēˈwərk by bEASH, a limited edition collection of upcycled, sustainably made, and unique pieces with a modern feel. rēˈwərk offers womenswear, accessories and home decor.
  • AMọ, a small batch collection of statement earrings and decor made from lightweight clay, so you can have colorful, joyful moments everyday all day. Each item may vary slightly in color due to the process of making them, but that makes every single pair unique.
  • XO, our signature collection of womenswear, accessories and home decor.

bEASH is a one woman shop. Each piece is designed, assembled and packaged in my studio in Washington, DC.